Yaesu vx-7r pdf manual

UF50 alinco DX-R8T HF comm rcvr BOX, MAN,DC cord 319.95 good S/N M 000862.
JRC NRD-535 brochure 6 pages.95 good L057 litr.Model Description Accessories Price Appearance Serial # or Comment UT54 kenwood TM- 281A xcvr 2M FM MOB 50W final sale - PLS ASK.95 AS IS S/N B7100167 UR90 kenwooenwood TS-2000 TX-RX board 60 DAY warranty 139.95 good UE08 kenwood YK-88C-1 CW filter - 500HZ.W200 ameco CB-6 6M converter - untested 36MHZ xtal.95 good.Please see our general terms and conditions, 9 Information about the right of cancellation.Info freight charges Programming kits Kenwood Order.NO ADS BA77 used book PUB: arrl HF digital handbook BY steve ford.95 good BB21 used book PUB: arrl HF digital handbook 3RD.Adms-350 Software USB-81 Cable.40 Add to shopping cart In stock, shipped in 3 to 4 days.Wired to CTS Size: 100 mm x 25 mm x 80 mm (BxHxT) Weight: 500 g Includes USB-Interface II CD-ROM with driver software, manual USB cable (A/B) Two audio cables for somerset maugham short stories epub soundcard Important: Cable to radio needs to be ordered separately!D151 *sangean DT-110 pocket AM/FM radio BOX, MAN.95 good.
CAT-Mate CAT-Mate Electronic port doubler for the CAT interface on FT-817/857/897 If you want to use more than one device on the CAT interface, for example logging program and antenna controller or an external keyboard.
BB70 used book PUB: HAM radio HAM radio notebook VOL 1.95 good TWO books!CAT port activity is shown with a LED.USB RTS-01: USB Type A, level converter to TTL,.5mm Stereo Phone plug (CI-V, Remote, not compatible with USB-29A).Model Description Accessories Price Appearance Serial # or Comment B126 used book PUB: lindsay 1935 official shortwave manual.95 good reprint BA35 used book PUB: makermedia make: rockets BY mike westerfield.95 good B084 used book PUB: mccully pocket REF VX-7R.00 good BA12 used.JRC NRD- 92 brochure 4 pages.95 good L021 litr.UL44 alexis AM-508E desk microphone BOX, MAN,8 PIN cable.95 good.