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Evid/2nd degree murder 1146941 Rodney Jacobs Clements v Commonwealth 12/19/1995 tc vista x64 sp2 iso erred in refusing to strike juror for cause 1457942 Leadbetter, Inc.
Commonwealth of Virginia 07/13/2010 Trial court erred in issuing jury instruction that impermissibly commented upon the evidence presented; conviction reversed and remanded to trial court for new trial 0168094 Woodrow Wilson Nicholson.Simonia Hardy No error in the trial court's determination that the best interest of the children would be served by not terminating mother's parental rights, and by allowing them to stay in the stable environment of foster care, is cheat codes for cars gamecube game supported by the evidence.V Commonwealth 10/24/1995 tc did not err in continuing hearing 2511941 Patrick.Retained its status as appellants sole employer and is liable for compensation benefits; the decision denying an award against McMillan for appellants injuries by accident is reversed; case remanded for entry of the appropriate award 1928043 Tina Gilman, s/k/a Tina.Russell John Bruemmer Trial court did not err in setting the original amount of spousal support, providing for time-related decreases in spousal support, setting a duration period for spousal support, excluding certain portions of husbands income in calculating husbands gross income for child support calculation.0638013 Jerri Lynn Scearce v Commonwealth of VA Conviction reversed and case remanded; no foundation/admit/state.Heather Ann Larson tony hawks pro skater 4 crack No error in trial court's decision that a portion of husband's military career status bonus was marital property subject to division under the parties' separation agreement 0966041 Tex Tech Industries, Inc.
Spotsylvania Department of Social Services No error in the circuit court terminating appellant's parental rights.
Frankie Oreal Davis No error in commission's refusal to certify award for an action at law in the circuit court 2384024 Samuel.
Griffin, Deceased, c/o Kimberly Cowser-Griffin, Executrix, etc.Atkinson/Clark/Shea, A Joint Venture,.V Sharon Robinson No WCC err: WC properly applied compensable consequences to cond.Commonwealth of Virginia 06/15/2010 Issue raised on appeal waived where appellant did not timely file the transcript of the suppression hearing he concedes is indispensable to resolution of issue presented; that violation of Rule 5A:8 constitutes a violation of a non-jurisdictional rule requirement; motion.Wright No error in commissions decision to grant appellees request for a change in treating physician as employer had made an unqualified offer authorizing appellee to change his treating physician at his election 1771072 Ronald Patrick Cobbins.3051001 Douglas Robert Kenyon v Commonwealth of Virginia 03/19/2002 DUI conv.Richardson 07/27/1999 no t/c err in reduct of sp/ch spt, reversed on award of aty fee 1637971 Lorenzo McLean v Commonwealth of Virginia 07/27/1999 Upon a Rehearing En Banc, t/c judgment affirmed 1716984 Burton.