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Later on, purpose-built ones were developed, usually for defensive fights (the JagTiger and the more modern Swedish line of strv-103 TDs, for example).Some mentions in canon claim it was solely produced on the Forgeworld Tigrus, which was lost to the Orks and all remaining Vanquishers are rare examples that are now Irreplaceable.Example: 500 point Patrol detachment HQ Knight Commander Pask, Punisher gatling cannon, heavy bolter, heavy bolter sponsons 221pts Tank Commander, battle cannon, lascannon, plasma cannon sponsons, Relic of Lost Cadia 239pts troops 10 Guardsmen 40pts Total: 500 points.Then again, the Baneblade moves as fast as a Leman Russ does, so if you could get a modern Maus equivalent sporting feet-thick slabs of chobham armour, some sort of auto-loading 155mm cannon, backup 20mm chainguns/autocannons, a plethora of heavy remote-turreted MGs and god-knows how.Pick your turret weapon, move under half, watch your enemy cry as he gets hit with double the shots of your main guns.Jokingly called the "Leman Russ Trollface" or "Leman Russ Blast Template Dropper" by some players, the Executioner is the bane of Space Marines everywhere, for it packs a Plasma Cannon that fires in 3-round bursts.M, die hier angezeigten Sponsored Listings werden von dritter Seite automatisch generiert und stehen weder mit dem Domaininhaber noch mit dem Dienstanbieter in irgendeiner Beziehung.
Though it gets loud and hot inside, and it is not usually a fast machine, it is tough as nails.
Although it does not have the advanced anti-air targeting mechanisms that the Hydra Flak Tank does, its equal primary firepower along with added sponson fire makes it a useful stop-gap air defense.
It's dirt cheap, its BS is average, but its armor value on the front is 14 and its side armor is hefty.Spamming high strength weapons(Lascannons, Missiles, etc) can work if you are lucky.They can move flat out in a heavy tank for 6D6 inches, a form of split fire for the commander to shoot at a different target from the others in his unit, and an order that its unit makes a shooting attack then uses smoke.One of several vehicles capable of driving Ork or Tyranid players into a frothing, white-hot rage when used with Heavy Bolter Sponsons, the Exterminator's main drawback hard truck rekkamehed crack is that it relies on its sponson/hull weapons to deal with enemy heavy armor (unless you're using Pask,.They can cause up to 40 wounds through Deflagrate, compared to the Incinerator which can only cause up.They aren't very good on the standard Leman Russ, its S8 AP3 basically eclipses anything a Plasma Cannon can.Take said Vanquisher as HQ tank in allied armoured battlegroup.Games Workshop has a notoriously raging hard-on for equipping them on Demolishers and Punishers, but this is a fairly bad idea; these two tanks are almost invariably better off charging headlong into the enemy's face, where they won't be firing the Plasma Cannons anyway;the Heavy.They don't offer whole hulls, but they have every kind of turret, track, sponson, and gun you could want, for Russes as well as Predators, Chimeras, Tauroxes and Baneblades.

Or just get an Exterminator and slap lascannons on its sponsons and nose when a TechPriest isn't looking.