Radio shack calculator ec 4021 owners manual

I remember using one of these while watching the Apollo-Soyuz mission in the summer of 1975.
Early four-function red LED need AC adapter 8m (801.58240) 204484 eight digit red LED with memory and percent with AC adapter 19591R04-01 (7.9 VDC) 801.58770 (Electronic Slide Rule)?
163426 three of these, one with case and instruction booklet and one missing a battery cover 18R RD-II with instruction booklet 20R with case and instruction booklet 22K 101586.
Mark 10" Uses AC adapter model 620 Mark XII D 20255 twelve-digit Panaplex four-function with memory functions berkey Model Serial Number Notes 4030 C244987 eight digit red electro-flourescent scientific with original box, AC adapter, instructions, etc.65-967 EC 1994 4 funct desktop print 2010_10_06 N 1 44memprint N 30 VFD 10 N N 225x165x51 4xAA Cat.63-614 EC-275 1975 1975 _05_03 N 0 N LE 152x70x 3xAA EC-375 1974 1976 _02_27 N 1 63mem N 23 VFD 8 1/2 oshiba T3189 Sqrt RM/CM M- somerset maugham short stories epub M 168x94x25 198gr 4xAapan Catalog.65-644 EC _05_18 Catalog.65-641 EC-2001 1 1978 1980 4 funct desktop 2009_07_26 N 1 84mem N 24 VFD 10indic I TMC1073NL Delta GPM ITM CM RM M- M 166x150x45 300gr 2xaiwan Cat.Model Serial Number Notes 2W01B eight digit vacuum-flourescent four-function powered by four C-cell batteries, "auto shut off" melcor Model Serial Number Notes Middle bar of left-most LED is not functioning eight-digit LED four-function plus memory and percent eight-digit LED four-function plus memory, reciprocal, square and.EC-4026 1989 1991 Scient Prog 2011_06_22 Y 26 (up to 163)1103steps Scient Prog Y 50 LCD 12alpha 102 indic mem N Scient Prog 141x73x10 71gr 1xCR20251xCR12116 (2x3Vcell).001W Casio fx-4500P Japan Cat.Ockwell B5000PA or B5000CC 148x70x20 130gr 1x9ockwell 8R, 9TR, House of Fraser 8F Mexico Catalog.65-959 EC _05_18 Cat.
65-501A EC-401 2007_05_18 Cat.(backplate missing) early LED scientific with imprint of the Sears Tower just below the display each with instruction booklet, two with good cases and one beat-up case 801.58840 (Universal Converter) 112046 early LED with unit conversion functions with case and instructions 8M (801.58240) 211523 eight.65-940 EC-345 2007_05_18 Cat.65-658A EC-4006 LCD scientific 198x Scient 2007_05_18 N 1 Scient N 38 LCD 10indic cient 150x76x18 2xAasio Cat.EC-4051 199x Financial 2008_03_28 Financial LCD Financial Cat.Ec uPD578C uPD878C TM DT Time Start/Stop Lap Alarm 64x144x32 124gr 1xAA2x1.5V cell.15W Casio CQ-1 Catalog.Last database update :, pictures, model, aka, version, intro date, end date.STO MC RCL X - M M* M/ M M- 159x83x sealed Y same case as Rockwell 63R Micro-Mini EC-222 2 c1976 _07_18 N 1 51mem N 20 ylcd 8indic N N MR 60x40x13 asio micro-mini version 2 Catalog.Both with case 24RD.095 one has a cracked battery door 24RD II with owner's manual 30R RD 115094.026 with leather case 63R 234740 in original case with instruction sheet need recharger 328R Desktop LED scientific royal typewriter company Model Serial Number Notes 8MK-AD M with.65-604 EC-230 1 1974 1976 _05_06 N 0 6 N 19 LED 8 ostek MK50282A N 127x76x23 1x9V Corvus 400 Catalog.65-665 EC funct print 2011_10_04 N 1 N LCD 10indic oshiba T6734 196x75x45 4xAA 6V TI-5010 Japan Cat.