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Pdf 15:57 51M Jacques Vallee, Chris Aubeck - Wonders in the Sky - Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times.
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Pdf 21:04 876K Yggdrasil Publications - Mjlnir Thelemic Journal, Vol.
Pdf 12:15 20M Wes Penre - The Wes Penre Papers - The Fourth Level Of Learning (Entire Level - Papers 1-17 and Appendix Paper A ).Pdf 17:03 133K Arthur C Clarke - Encounter At Dawn.This platform is for Indio authors and they publish modern books.Pdf 21:05.1M Steven Heine - Zen Canon.Lees - Through the Mists.Pdf 04:25 51M Timothy Good - Earth, An Alien Enterprise.Pdf 20:26.0M Stephen Langdon - Sumerian Epic of Paradise, The Flood and The Fall of Man.Pdf 21:42 339K Terence McKenna - The New Maps of Hyperspace.
Pdf 12:58 195M Charles Darwin - The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex.Pdf 12:05 248K John Perkins - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.Pdf 17:51.1M Carlos Castaneda - Separate Reality.Bailey - The Light of the Soul.Pdf 11:03.7M Michael Sharp - The Great Awakening - Concepts and techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice.Bailey - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy.Pdf 14:31 78M David Allen Hulse - New Dimensions for the Cube of Space (2000).pdf 12:05.6M David Astle - The Babylonian Woe.Pdf 21:10.8M Stuart Kauffman - At Home in the Universe The Search for the Laws of Self Organization and Complexity.Pdf 12:58.5M Adam McLean - A Collection of Alchemical and Hermetic Emblems - Sequences.pdf 15:23 20M Adolf Erman - A Handbook of Egyptian Religion.Pdf 11:10 850K.07:38.5M Richard Wilhelm - The Secret of the Golden Flower.White - The Elements of Style.