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Clay molds on my warm glass page.
The best solution for excellent flatness is to cut the bottom out first.
I use a shelf wash from Paragon Kilns in Mesquite Texas for my glass sagging and fusing. .The brown bottle has paper labels. .The silk screened 'paint' used on bottle labels (like a glass Coke bottle, Corona beer and this Mexican water brand) is high temp enamel desert flag patch velcro applied while the glass is hot and it will survive being fused.You need to have a view hole or otherwise be able to peep at the glass without burning off eyebrows, etc. .Q: lisa47 wrote: Anyone know the proper method for melting a bottle down so it lays flat."The Bottlehead Crack is a superb introduction into the world of DIY audio.Some people have made societal comment by arranging slumped bottle shapes in ways that suggest v for vendetta moore pdf comment on mechanical and tired society - "Preacher and Choir "Exhaustion but that is more art than slumping, I think, and not.Once at this annealing temp, you need to go to fusing temp as fast as possible. .To avoid/reduce the visual damage to the label (as here it should be flattened or molded with the label not touching the support which may require watching the sagging to use a rod to spread the glass to stop it from folding under.
I don't want to have them melt into a mold of any sort.A cup shape can be used for ash trays (for the few people who still smoke) or a spoon holder.As soon as it is the way you want it, cut the power and open the lid to drop the temp as fast as possible to about 900-1000F.And there is enough variation in heat across a kiln and variation in bottles, that watching more than 5 becomes an exercise in lost bottles.Do you know the proper temperature, length of time necessary, what it should lie on in the kiln, cool down time, what size kiln would I need if I wanted to do 10 or more of these at a time?Congratulations, your testosterone levels just increased.The seams are on the side between the labels. .Location of the seams on paper or plastic labels is random. .It is very useful to have a digital controller (about 200) to handle the slow cooling.A: Almost any kiln (as in borrowed) will do this, but you have to have a peep hole to watch.Treat it like a decal. .This is not some cheap plastic replica shaped to look like a wrench, every Bottle Wrench started out as a working man's wrench and then was hand formed to become the manliest bottle opener you will ever own.It will take some time for the glass to get flat. .You should see the glass start to move in the 1200F area and have a full sag by F with flat fusing near 1550F.

When you heat the bottles laying on their side with elements from above (the best way the top side of the body cylinder will sag first into the middle, forming a shape useful for holding spoons, etc., before the lower glass has become so soft.