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Speculates that refusal of those planning the Bay of Pigs invasion to remain realistic about its declining chances of success may have rested on belief that Castro was to be assassinated at time of invasion.
V10:2-21-27 (Spring 1966) PDF 310.1KB* "The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination" by Max Holland, Stud.
"The Ciano Papers: Rose Garden" by Howard McGaw Smyth, Stud.V4:1-29-35 (Winter 1960) PDF 332KB* Anatomy of a scientific bag of tricks to conjure up the likeness of an unknown face.Book review of Sailor in a Russian frame by Cdr.V6:1-73-80 (Winter 1962) PDF 404KB* Attributes the failures of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II in conducting paramilitary operations behind enemy lines to poor coordination with British intelligence and security offices, and argues for covert action and intelligence to.V19:2-35-38 (Summer 1975) PDF 231.5KB* Comments on Philip Agee's apparent reasons for exposing Agency operations and personnel, and briefly outlines some of the damage to the Agency."Psywar in Intelligence Operations John Brockmiller, Stud.V3:4-73-80 (Fall 1959) PDF 415KB* German comint officer presents his version of the reason General Rommel was beaten at the gates of Egypt, July 1941.V17:4-67-74 (Winter 1973) PDF 532.7KB* The Bay of Pigs by Haynes Johnson with Manuel Artime and others.V47:3-35-49 (2003) PDF 901.1KB* Based upon thousands of newly gdx vcc user manual declassified documents called the "Chile Collection the author tells the story of CIA covert action against the Salvador Allende government from 1970 to 1973 in Chile.This will force consumers to be more judicious in their requests and producers to become more efficient in order to remain in business."Deception compiled by the staff of Studies in Intelligence, Stud.
V48:3-37-43 (2004) PDF.0KB* The Codebreakers : The Story of Secret Writing by David Kahn.
V10:2-43-55 (Spring 1966) PDF 673.8KB* Task force report regarding the need to establish an Intelligence Community R D program for intelligence data handling.
V6:4-1-8 (Fall 1962) PDF 446KB* "The Calculation of Soviet Helicopter Performance" by Theodore.Evidence is provided that CIA was considerably ahead of the policy community in calling the split.V6:2-1-17 (Spring 1962) PDF 790KB* Nedzi, Lucien., "Oversight or Overlook: Congress and the.S.V47:3-1-3 (2003) PDF 160.3KB* A short review of the life of a CIA "Trailblazer who was the Agency's first legislative counsel and the founder and curator of CIA's Historical Intelligence Collection, now the largest professional intelligence collection in the world.1:5-1-16 (November 2002) PDF.0KB* "Sherman Kent's Final Thoughts on Analyst-Policymaker Relations" by Jack Davis, Kent Cen.Orlov, a former Soviet Air Defense officer, recounts the Soviet view of the arms competition with the US in the decades of the 1950s and 60s, how the U-2's collection successes affected this competition, how the Soviets shot down the U-2 piloted by Gary Francis.V36:5-73-79 (1992) PDF 970.2KB* "The Rote Drei: Getting Behind The 'Lucy' Myth" by Mark.V12:4-23-38 (Fall 1968) PDF.3MB* Describes the latest advances in microtechnology (1968) and the implications of these improvements regarding size and power demands for audio, video, optical, and electronic intelligence gathering systems.V17:2-1-6 (Summer 1973) PDF 373.9KB* NSC staff members make a strong case on intelligence analysts' responsibility to participate in the policymaking process from beginning to end, using the mechanism of the National Security Study Memorandum (nssm) to illustrate how analysis must be focused on policy.V37:5-81-90 (1994) PDF.6MB* Simon, James.,., "The Intelligence Community: ", Stud.1, 1997: 57-65, PDF 732.7KB* Magnan, Stephen., "Safeguarding Information Operations", Stud.V12:2-65-81 (Spring 1968) PDF 959.9KB* Describes in detail how counterintelligence forces in Latin America ideally plan and mount operations against insurgent forces.V8:1-65-66 (Winter 1964) PDF 108KB* Responds to Shryock article, "For an Eclectic Sovietology" (same issue) by calling for an office of Soviet political analysis rather than ad hoc collaboration.James., "Strategic Thinking and Air Intelligence", Stud.V5:2-25-37 (Spring 1961) PDF 661KB* A somewhat technical discussion of a dog's sense of smell, and of human odor and its lasting qualities.

Marcquenski, Thomas., "A Name for Your Number", Stud.
Also a sub-history of Russian exile revolutionaries.